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3 Season Custom Raincoat

This season we are excited to share with you our new 3 season raincoat – a high performance nano-tech fabric that repels water with exceptional breathability […]
Five Ways to Wear the Navy Blazer

Five Ways to Wear the Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is a modern staple of every man’s wardrobe. It is an easy-to-wear item that can be dressed up or dressed down to suit […]

Team Garrison’s Key Essentials For Spring 2016

This spring, we’re encouraging men to seek out their inner ‘maximalist’ style. Meaning: no strings attached/unapologetic sartorial fun. Here’s our short list of essential pieces to […]
selecting the perfect fabric

Selecting The Perfect Fabric For Your Suit

Men have begun experimenting with the colours and patterns of their bespoke suits more than ever before. These days, the options are infinite when deciding amongst […]

Navy Double-Breasted Suit

The Double Breasted Suit Has made its way back into the world of men’s fashion. It’s no longer just the go-to uniform for business and military men, […]
finding the right tailor

Finding the Right Tailor

Before buying a bespoke or made-to-measure suit, it’s important to find the right tailor who’s going to be making it for you. This may be a […]

Tips for the Groom

A wedding dress can cost anywhere between $1000-20,000 and, in most cases, can only be worn by the bride once in her lifetime. A bespoke suit […]

Stay Cool in Seersucker

Back in the day, working class men wore seersucker suits to stay cool. The alternating stripes in the textured fabric allowed air to pass through and […]

Sharp Magazine Street Style

Mixing formal wear and street wear has become somewhat of an art-form in the world of fashion. These days, stylists, magazine editors, celebrities and even everyday […]
perfect fitting shirt

The perfect fitting shirt

Do you own the perfect fitting shirt? A wardrobe premised on success starts with a good fitting shirt. Get to know our tailors at Garrison Bespoke […]
bnn madmen gairrson bespoke

Mad Men Style with BNN and Garrison Bespoke

Maxwell Morgan gets the Garrison Bespoke Treatment – Mad Men Style Mad Men has left its sartorial stamp on the men’s suiting world. Since the show first […]

How to Dress for TIFF

1.Think Ahead: Have all your clothing or do you want to know how to dress for TIFF is a fun time where you need to be ready for […]