How to Dress for TIFF

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1.Think Ahead: Have all your clothing or do you want to know how to dress for TIFF is a fun time where you need to be ready for anything. Chances are you are going from work to the premiere to the after party with little time to spare between so make sure all your shirts are pressed and shoes polished. That way if you have to make a quick dash home to change you will know what you have ready and waiting for you to throw on

.   shoes shirt tie jacket
2. Be comfortable! The only way your outfit will stand out is if you are comfortable in it and can flash it with confidence. This isn’t the time to break in your new shoes; with so many movies to see and parties to attend being comfortable is key or you won’t make it past the opening night. 3. Go Bold or Go Home Don’t be shy with your accessories. TIFF is a time to stand out and rock your more daring pieces without judgment; with all the divas in town someone is bound to be drawing more attention than you. Have all your favorite pocket squares/circles, cuff links, ties, and jewelry picked out and ready to be added to any outfit. Garrison Bespoke Tie Box 4. Business Man by Day, Movie Star by Night In order to transition into your TIFF festival alter ego without going home to change there are some key items you should keep at your office to help your day look turn into a night look. Number one is accessories. Have a different pocket square, tie, and cuff links that can spice up any of your suits. A new shirt will be helpful for changing up the look and making you feel refreshed from the long day of work. how to dress for TiFF 5. Scene and be seen: Dress in the style of the film or after party you are attending. This doesn’t mean that if you are going to the premiere of 12 Years a Slave that you bring your top hat and cane but by incorporating a silk cravat and high cut vest will help bring the feeling of the 1840’s film to your outfit. If you are attending Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom arrive with style in your pointed lapel jacket or a tweed check three-piece suit. It is an artistic festival, dress it up as much or as little as you’d like.