Selecting The Perfect Fabric For Your Suit

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selecting the perfect fabric

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Men have begun experimenting with the colours and patterns of their bespoke suits more than ever before. These days, the options are infinite when deciding amongst the solids, the stripes and the plaids. This doesn’t change the fact that certain shades and prints relay certain messages. A classic black suit and tie will always create a confident and powerful statement, whereas a tartan two-piece will signal a more stylish and relaxed persona. It’s important to consider the message you’re trying to send when selecting the fabric of your suit. Where will you be wearing it? Who will be seeing you in it? Does it compliment your best features? A good tailor will take all these questions into account when helping a client make his selection. In the meantime, here are some elements to anticipate when making your own.

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SOLIDS – Black, charcoal grey and navy blue are always safe colours to choose from when making a custom suit. All three choices project a certain power and elegance when worn appropriately. When straying away from the classic trinity, however, it is important to consider how a colour will respond to your skin tone and hair colour. A lighter complexion may be washed out by a tan or light grey material, while a dark complexion may be camouflaged behind by a deeper shade of brown. Test different shades and hues with your tailor to find out which colours compliment your personal features throughout the seasons.

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STRIPES – For the gentleman who’s looking for more height, stripes are a cleaver way of elongating the body. They are also a sincere way to make the heavier man seem slimmer. Traditional white pinstripes often portray a spirit of business, but can also be adapted to suit more formal occasions if executed in a darker shade. When choosing a stripe, it is important to consider the width of the stripes and the space between them. They should flatter the length of the body in a subtle manner. Work with your tailor to find the best stripe for your height. Remember that too many vertical lines can be overwhelming rather than smart.

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PLAIDS – Checks and Tartans are a great way of expressing personal style. For the man who wears his suits to more casual events or during his leisure, a tasteful plaid can make a strong statement and demand attention. Again, the colours are endless, so it’s best to choose a combination that highlights your body type and physical appearance. A heavier man won’t be buying a windowpane check, knowing that the pattern will make him look wider than he actually is. A man who desires more height might choose a pattern with stronger vertical lines so that the eye is drawn up rather than sideways. A checked pattern can read as classy when worn with care. Just remember that less is more when opting for plaid.

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Every single man has a unique look. Garrison Bespoke sets itself apart by going the extra mile to help each and every client select the perfect shade, patterned or textured cloth to compliment that look.