Mad Men Style with BNN and Garrison Bespoke

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Maxwell Morgan gets the Garrison Bespoke Treatment – Mad Men Style

Mad Men has left its sartorial stamp on the men’s suiting world. Since the show first aired in the late 2000’s, style-conscious men have flocked to their favourite stores and boutiques with hopes of looking like the next Don Draper or Roger Sterling.

What makes the Mad Men look popular is the fact that it’s based on the classic fundamentals of men’s suiting, which hardly ever change. Beautifully cut grey suits, immaculate white spread collared dress shirts, and television fold pocket squares are Mad Men’s styling hallmarks.

Recently (BNN) Business News Network’s Kristina Partsinevelos caught up with our very own David Tran and esteemed Garrison Bespoke customer Maxwell Morgan to discuss how Garrison translates the Mad Men look onto their everyday customer, and how the look is used and updated for today’s man. 



Garrison doesn’t handle the wardrobe on Mad Men. Nevertheless, it’s quite common for clients to ask that they incorporate elements of the classic style into their Garrison suits. Additionally, Mad Men inspiration can be seen on Garrison Bespoke dressed television characters, including Mike Ross and Harvey Spector from Suits, and, Hannibal Lector from the new NBC show Hannibal.

What Garrison provides to both their clients on screen and off is expertise and bespoke craftsmanship that would make even the most dapper Draper a little jealous. Every custom suit made by Garrison is reflective of the personality of the man it is bespoken for. 

Fit is Key

The biggest mistake many men make is not having a suit that fits. When watching Mad Men or Suits, one of the first things you notice is that the Don Drapers and Harvey Spectors of the world wear flawlessly fitting suits. For the discerning man, the suit is the uniform of choice, and if it fits in the right proportions, it can be the most flattering garment a man wears.




Don’t Forget the Details

The only downside to falling in love with the classic Mad Men look is the fact that so has everyone else. Because Garrison suits are one of one, wearers have the ability to put their own unique touches on each suit while keeping the Mad Men style framework. Maxwell Morgan’s own unique flavour includes a buttonholed pocket square, a ticket pocket with a striped lining, and a beautiful jacket with a pirate motif lining.

The truth about bespoke is that detail options are endless. Hand pique stitching, high quality horsehair canvas, surgeon cuffs, and melton under collars are all details found on the finest suits in the world — and available at Garrison Bespoke.



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