Stay Cool in Seersucker

GARRISON X TSBmen – A Gentlemen’s Evening

Back in the day, working class men wore seersucker suits to stay cool.

The alternating stripes in the textured fabric allowed air to pass through and prevent heat build-up. Today, the functionality and stylishness of the seersucker suit lives on through men who constantly battle North American humidity.

searsucker men pants

Over the years, this British-colonial trend ranked its way up into an all-American classic. All the great American prepsters – like Mark Twain and John F. Kennedy – started donning seersucker suits to business meetings and sartorial gatherings (which, unfortunately, were well before the age of Instagram or Twitter documentation). Now, the subtle blue and white lines are not only keeping industry leaders free of sweat stains, but also looking sharp and fashionable from corporate to leisure hours.


If you’re on the hunt for a new summer suit, try taking on the heat in seersucker. For the fashion-foward gentleman, try pairing a two-piece suit with a white cotton shirt and black knit tie. For added comfort, finish the look off with a pair of your favourite black penny-loafers.

seersucker suit

For the subdued gentleman, if you’re worried about looking too flashy in too many stripes, consider opting for just the seersucker blazer – preferably unstructured for summer. It pairs well with navy trousers for the workweek and with light khaki shorts for the weekend.

casual seersucker blazer

For the relaxed gentleman, if you’re opting for a pair of seersucker trousers, channel Ryan Gosling at the Cannes Film Festival circa 2010. For an easy, comfortable look, pair the trousers with a white cotton shirt (with no more than two top buttons undone!) and a pair of worn-in loafers or tennis shoes.

 Ryan gosling seersucker pants


Head into Garrison and speak with one of stylists on how to incorporate this all-American classic into your summer wardrobe.