Sharp Magazine Street Style

Robb Report Features Our Canadian Business Bulletproof Suit

Mixing formal wear and street wear has become somewhat of an art-form in the world of fashion. These days, stylists, magazine editors, celebrities and even everyday commuters are running around our cities in their Nike’s, baseball hats, and three-piece suits. It’s a quick and easy way to have some fun with your look and make the most of your entire wardrobe!

Luca Finotti at Moschino

Take our stylist, J.S., for example – a master at incorporating street wear into the world of bespoke! See more of his looks on

New Signs of Spring: Sharp’s Street Style


The trend is all about comfort and style. The challenge is finding the right balance between business and casual. Head into Garrison and ask one of our expert stylists on how to mix and match your casual pieces with your bespoke suit.


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