The BlazerSuit.  The Same suit worn formally to a wedding and casually as a blazer. 
Would you wear this suit?

Named the Specter Collection we created this for the guy who wants to own one awesome suit in his wardrobe to wear to his own wedding or to attend one, but is practical and needed to create versatility for you to use  it regularly given he doesn't wear a suit daily.  We are proud to announce we've created it. 
Developed over the last year and a half from the fabric to the styling and manufacturing specs in partnership with Coppley here in Toronto everything is made special to us here in the #6ix.  More details to come shortly upon release!

The fabrics we developed and had made special for us in this collection are the perfect weight for a year round suit but are of a unique texture for you to pull them off as a blazer. 
Styled with a soft shoulder with a crisp Rope at the end, a thick chest piece inside to give it shape, and lower button stance to create that awesome V shape, and a modern but not too short length so you can pull it off casually w jeans.

Exclusive Custom Summer Suit – Deep Ocean Blue

Made using our exclusive Blazer Suit Collection – fabrics we’ve curated are made special for Garrison are the perfect weight for a year round suit but have a unique texture, jacket cut shorter with Texturized horn and mother of pearl buttons for you to pull them – continue reading


The Garrison Travel Blazer

Any travel coming up?   Whether it’s for work or pleasure, if you’re anything like me—you have neither the time or the energy to waste on worrying about what goes into your carry on. Let’s be honest-we’re not going to check luggage either.   – continue reading

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Garrison Cruise Wear

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Post CityMagazines Interviewed Michael Nguyen

Michael recently spoke with Post City Mag on how his love for suits started. He reveals his inspiration for opening Garrison Bespoke, and touches on celebrity clients, where he shops, and his style inspiration. Post City Mag is a hub for all things in Toronto. – continue reading