How to wear Flannel this Season

The Best Jackets This Fall
The Garrison Tailored Tracksuit

A lot of people ask me about getting a Flannel Suit and how to wear it. I always point to a shot (above) from a few years back of Gabriel Macht dressing down a Garrison Granite Grey Flannel Suit at a California Fall Wedding. This is a great example of how a winter cloth can be worn for 3 seasons, as well as situations that call for more of a casual vibe. The texture and slubbiness of the fabric are perfect for both.

We all know how great a flannel suit can be when worn more formally and romantically (think Angelli), so this is a great example of the more American, casual approach and points to how versatile flannel can be. (Originally we made this suit for Gabriel to keep him warm in the Toronto cold while filming in November) 

This season, we have more reasons to wear Flannel.  Whether its done in the formal three piece check or in a unique colour in our Blazersuit concept.  And this season, done in what I am calling the new Sports Jacket, the Tailored Bomber.  Tailoring cloth and details injected into iconic modern sportswear.

1/The Romantic Winter Suit.
A texture that you just can’t achieve through regular, smoother fabrics.  Made with a heavy weight beefy flannel that feels lightweight and drapes well.  Done in a cool grey gun check pattern with modern a cut, turning the traditional flannel suit into an incredibly sharp and modern piece.  Only Flannel fabrics, as a result of their special milling process, have the fuzzy feature needed to produce a “chalk-like” effect in the checks or pinstripes.

2/ The Flannel Blazersuit
Using flannels with natural stretch, lightweight feel and water resistance coupled with the deconstructed design, the goal with a suit like this is to feel comfortable wearing it however you want, in any lifestyle setting.  The blazer with a pair of jeans, open collar shirt or the pants with a sweater and sneakers.  I usually like to wear mine with some accessories for that extra pop. You can also keep it classic.  For Frederick Andersen, we merged the classic with the “separates suit” versatility and took it one step further by adding a different colour vest that he could change out with each colour.  

3 / The Flannel Bomber JacketA Bomber jacket crafted with the same fine fabrics and attention to detail as our tailoring.  This is the new casual tailoring showpiece.  The style is luxury sportswear at its peak, coupled with a soft flannel that can keep you warm straight through the winter months.