The Best Jackets This Fall

double pocket suit jacket
Garrison Action Suit 2, Fall Collection
bespoke suit
How to wear Flannel this Season

Fall is here. When it comes to choosing a jacket this season, I’ve curated a collection of styles that reflect the changing way we dress. Taking inspiration from the classics ( overcoats, trenches) and modern casual tailoring (the Bomber and Trucker Jackets), each style is designed to be as versatile and purposeful as possible.

Take a look at my favourites below. All custom. Custom Suits, Custom Outerwear, Custom Clothing.

1.  The Statement Coat is all about extremes. Its the piece that is meant to be the star of your look.  Whether its the fabric choice: bright wool-and-alpaca fabrics, or the cut, our Storm Coat or Great Coat styles.  Its the ultimate luxury outerwear piece.   

When tailored to perfection, its intended to be the most striking of outerwear pieces. Our Blazercoat style, sharply tailored, is one of the standouts when done in a light weight wool or cashmere cloth.  This season, we’ve added in the option of a padded liner for extra warmth straight through the winter months.

2.  The Icon. Classically tailored in a medium weight cloth made from our soft Ceramica fabric that’s weatherproof, thanks to an innovative weaving process.  Complete with timeless details like a classic point collar and a clean button front.  This is the one jacket every man needs.  Worn to the office over tailoring or on the weekend over some denim and knitwear.  It’s the piece you love having with you all the time.

3.  The Field Jacket The field jacket has become an iconic piece that has successfully straddled both the opposing worlds of fine tailoring and streetwear.  Its the piece you can wear with jeans or a trouser, over a shirt or t-shirt, and in every context exudes an effortless cool.  For Fall/Winter, done in lightweight Wool/Cashmere that offers both warmth and a touch of luxury.

4.  The Bomber. A Bomber jacket crafted with the same fine fabrics and attention to detail as our tailoring.  This is the new casual tailoring showpiece.  The style is luxury sportswear at its peak, coupled with the cloth of classic tailoring.  A RIRI two-way zip fastening for an added level of detail.  This is the piece to own this season for any lifestyle.

5. The Tailored Trucker The trucker jacket has long been a staple of classic American menswear.  Similar to the field jacket, it moved from its rugged, utilatarian roots into modern tailoring looks.  Made with luxury fabrics that balance its casual look and feel.  Worn collar popped with a clean trouser, its the evening casual tailoring look right through the Holidays.