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With the weather beginning to change I wanted to invite you in to see our new Outerwear Program. For us, a stand-out Jacket is the new way to communicate style and elegance, at work, weekends or casual.

Its the season of the Luxury Overcoat. An Outerwear piece can be worn with everything from a hoody to tailoring.

At Garrison, we have our full collection ready in store to try on and feel. As always, its by appointment only so a private and safe environment is ensured.

1/The Alpaca Blazer Coat THE NEW BLAZER Probably the most versatile option in terms of formality, our single-breasted Blazer Coat works well with a suit, or denim and a sweater.  When tailored to perfection, its intended to be the most striking of outerwear pieces.  This is the piece you wear as your “blazer”, sharply tailored and distinct.

2/ The Fredericton Peacoat – THE WEEKENDERA peacoat is the one piece everyone who loves tailoring owns.  Our  iconic Fredericton cut is in its second season and has already become a Fall wardrobe essential.  The most versatile piece in our Outerwear Collection, perfect for layering over t-shirts/hoody or lightweight knitwear.Its the jacket you always have with you – day to day at work or as a weekender in and out of the car (perfect length for mobility).

3 / The Great Coat – SCANDINAVIAN STYLE ARaglan Shoulder that gives you ultimate mobility making it easy to get over and on top of anything—whether it be a sweater, warmer vest, or sports clothing. Great for on the run and ultimate comfort.  An oversized Ulster Collar that keeps back of neck warm when outdoors inspired by my time in Sweden.

3 / The Cashmere Ulstur Coat – LUXURY AND COMFORT A sturdy ulster collar with wide lapels. Made double breasted and blended with a modern, softer shoulder and turn back cuffs and slash pockets.  A coat that defines luxury and style without compromising comfort and mobility.

3 / The Double Breasted Officer Coat – THE HYBRID  Made at a mid thigh (car-coat) length with a narrow button placement for a casual feel when worn dressed down.  A self collar made to be worn half popped for added neck protection.  Done in a peak lapel with a soft cloth turns the coat immediately into a formal  piece with tailoring.