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Action Suit Collection 2, Just Released.

Our Fall Action Suit Collection is ready in store now.  Three new fabrics just in time for September.

Its the suit we developed over 2 years as a stretch performance *jersey* option in conjunction with LuluLemon.  Since then, its become a favourite piece among our Athlete community particularly for its comfort on game day yet still in line with dress/tailored aesthetic.

If your heading back to work this month in a more casual environment, this suit is perfect.  It can be worn with a shirt and tie to look like a crisp or on its own as separates.

Available in store now, ready to wear.

MN Vision: “This is the suit to own over the coming months. If your working from home, its the ideal separates suits – the pants feel like joggers and when worn with a t-shirt on their own it looks incredible. The pin-tuck down the front and waits side tabs gives it that tailored feel. As a jacket with denim, its a point of interest for your look whether it be on a patio in the evening or daytime casual meetings”

Back to the Office or Meetings From home:  Being away from the office for such a long stretch got us thinking about how to make the best impression when you’re back at your desk. If your workplace does not specify a formal dress code, the Action Suit is that perfect blend of style, function and tailoring.

Stretch Knit Performance: Developed with a four way-stretch knit performance fabric that was tested through months of iterations.  The end result is a suit concept infused with tailoring tweaks and inspiration, ready to wear now.  Mobility, comfort, performance and leisure..with the ability to remain tailored.

ACTION 2 In Action:  Shawn Mckenzie showing our Drop 1 Action Suit in Houndstooth as the perfect back to business piece.  Worn here with shirt and tie.  Crisp, comfort, tailored.