Garrison Captains Collar Polo

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The Collar of “Made Men”

Captains Collar Polo – The Collar of “Made Men”.  Just in time for the long weekend.

Our new Captains Collar Polo has a one-piece collar inspired by the old traditions of vacation life, when jet-settlers used to spend their summers in the French Riviera.  This type of collar is a hybrid of a Cuban shirt and a polo shirt. 

Its the Polo that looks phenomenal with the collar popped to cover the neck and as a rakish look in evening under a blazer.  A chance to show some sartorial style with a casual, performance fabric. 

One piece construction of the collar makes it stand up crisply and symmetrically. The effect is a collar that stands on its own, remaining perfectly parted for wear on its own or under a jacket  Made in our pique, stretch fabric for breathability and performance.