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Custom Suits

Custom Suits

Custom Suits Ready For Any Occasion

Like many clients at Garrison who own only the best custom suits, you live a busy lifestyle and need to have a complete wardrobe that is ready for any occasion. From dressing for a boardroom meeting to winding down at an outdoor patio on a casual Sunday afternoon, we’ve curated eight suits on our website to make sure that you leave the right mark wherever you go. No matter your style, we are certain that there will be a look that is right for you. Explore our gallery to find out more, or, book a complimentary style consultation and we can help you decide which look is most appropriate for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Each of our menswear stylists are experts in their own areas; they will make sure you look the best in yours. Contact us to book your consultation – [info type=”phone”]

From Savile Row to Garrison Bespoke

The art of bespoke goes back to early England when royal families and aristocrats commissioned merchants and tailors to make custom garments. That tradition still lives on in England today, but has become a worldwide enterprise for men of all shapes and sizes who seek the very best in life. In Toronto, Garrison Bespoke has been named the number one bespoke tailor in Canada for maintaining the quality and standards of the bespoke tradition. In regard to this, we would like to share a bit of insight into a past that helped establish Garrison’s trade and continues to influence bespoke, custom and made-to-measure suits that we create to this day.

The Eighteenth Century marks a time when skilled merchants and entrepreneurial aristocrats congregated around a new strip of buildings on “Savile Street”; named after the 3rd Earl of Burlington’s Countess, Lady Dorothy Savile. Located on a wealthy plot of land in Mayfair, many politicians and businessmen relocated into London’s Savile Street over the years, establishing their tailoring companies and building up their high-end profiles. In 1846, James Poole’s son Henry Poole took over the family’s firm, Henry Poole & Co., and converted his father’s tailoring factory into the first men’s bespoke shop on the row, which still exists today. This sparked the beginning of what has now become one of the most sophisticated and outstanding places on earth to buy a custom suit — Savile Row.

Over the years, English suit tailoring has developed into what is considered the traditional British style. The English suit is a fitted two-piece or double-breasted suit that’s focus is to make the man appear leaner and taller. The suit jacket has “ticket” or “flap” pockets and features a double vent for ease of movement. The lapels are a thin “notch” or “peak” with a fair amount of padding in the shoulders to make the man look sturdier. The focus of the jacket is on the chest where the gorge lines sit over a fair amount of cloth or interlining canvas. The armhole is placed higher so that the jacket does not sag. Finally, the trouser also has a slimmer cut that lengthens the leg and guides the viewer’s eye upward to the wearer’s face. The English style pant is pleated inward and worn above the waist.

At Garrison, we take all these elements of the British style into account when creating our custom bespoke suits. After travelling the world, however, and learning about different cultures’ traditions, Garrison has blurred the lines between different suit styles in creating the Garrison Bespoke look. At our shop, the focus is not on following trends or keeping up with the latest fashions; instead, we build a wardrobe for the man around his unique lifestyle to make him look and perform his best. We do that by taking certain elements from different suit styles and fit them to the shape and requirements of the individual man. This is part of the reason why a Garrison Bespoke suit stands out in a crowd. The combination of styles creates a suit that provides a sharp and elongated silhouette for the modern man.


Elements of the Garrison Custom Suit:

Buttons: If not double breasted, Garrison suits feature two buttons. This European trend keeps the torso looking shorter and the legs looking longer.

Shoulders: Garrison suits have little or no padding in the shoulders, like the classic American, to maintain their natural slope and avoid a boxier look. The goal is to create a soft slope up the neck towards the head.

Lapels: Garrison suits feature a standard peak or notch lapel. Both are effective in creating a clean and simple look that can be worn to the office or on the weekend. They also offer great sight lines on the jacket that lead up towards the wearer’s neck.

Jacket Length: The length of the Garrison suit jacket is cut shorter, like the British style, to make the body look more proportional. It also lengthens the legs, which lead a viewer’s eyes up towards the body.

Suppressed Waist: The Garrison suit jacket is suppressed at the waist, like the Italian style, giving the body more shape and an hourglass appeal. The goal is to make the jacket as tailored as possible to the man’s unique body shape.

Double Vent: An English tailoring element is the double vent of the Garrison jacket, which was once beneficial for sports. The Garrison suit uses this technique to make the cloth drape more elegantly, but like the English, also because it is most practical for the wearer’s movement.

Slim Trouser: Like the Garrison suit jacket, the trouser is cut closer to the man’s body to create an elongated line that is tailored specifically to his shape. This also adds to the modern appeal of the Garrison look, by eliminating the cuffed hems and inward pleats for a clean, slim fit.

Today, the Savile Row Bespoke Association works with modern tailors to uphold the foundations of custom tailoring established by merchants on the Row over the centuries. In Toronto, Garrison is proud to maintain these traditional tailoring techniques when creating custom Bespoke suits. Every suit is handmade with the best quality cloths imported from Europe and the UK. Countless hours get put into the construction and quality of our suits to provide our clients with an outstanding garment for their lifestyle.


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