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A suit doesn’t just fit your body – it fits your life, your personality, and your aspirations. That’s why, at Garrison Bespoke, we will pour you a drink and get to know you before we even pick up a measuring tape. We’re here to advise and make you look and feel like you’re in a league of your own. >>See Our Essential Suits

Custom Suits

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Bespoke Shirt

A great fitting shirt is the first layer of a suit or any outfit. Garrison Bespoke can help you figure out what kind of shirts you need to start building your looks for going out, hanging with the boys, or taking your girl on a night out. No matter the place, you will have the right look and leave a sharp impression. >>See Our Bespoke Shirts

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Custom Bespoke Coats

Every man needs a trusty outer garment to wear over his suit or outfit that provides protection from the cold or wet weather. Unless you’re battling a blizzard, leave your down filled parkas at home. A modern man, with a modern suit, needs to wear a modern coat to complete the look. >>See our Custom Tailored Bespoke Coats

Essential Outerwear

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We suit up Toronto’s most stylish grooms. The journey of your suit can start at your wedding, then follow you to your next board meeting or evening gala. It will be the go to piece in your wardrobe when you need to look sharp and feel limitless. Let us help build a signature look for your wedding so you can make your mark on one of the most special days you’ll ever have. >>See examples of Garrison Weddings

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