Unstructured Jackets for Summer

Shamir & Nathalie

The blazer is arguably one of the most important pieces of men’s clothing. It enhances the feeling of any outfit and adds a level of sophistication to a man’s overall look. Now that the sun’s out, however, wearing a classic blazer can really become uncomfortable with the amount of heat it generates. This is where the “unstructured” blazer comes in. A man who requires a blazer for everyday wear should consider an unstructured version that is softer and more relaxed (and, ultimately, a poorer heat conductor), but still upholds the level of sophistication required for the office.

unstructured jacket for summer

The main difference between a classic and unstructured blazer? How the blazer physically drapes the body. The unstructured version doesn’t cling to the body, providing a looser shape that leaves room for breathing. This also allows for easy movement and rolled up sleeves – for the weekend or a coffee run. While a classic blazer has a lining and fixed shoulders, unstructured blazers often come unlined or minimally lined with silk. Eliminating the shoulder pads gives the jacket a more casual appearance. Think of it in terms of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross from Suits. Harvey would be the classic structured blazer, while Mike Ross would be his unstructured protégé. They’re both different, but both get the job done right (and look like a million bucks doing it).

unstructured blazer

Following many inspirational trips to Italy, owner of Garrison Bespoke – Michael Nguyen – continues to revel in the nuances of Italian tailoring. What peaked his interest during one trip in particular was the way in which Italian’s utilized their jackets. Michael jokes that, “Italians seem to want to do everything with their jackets!” He found their ‘performance in mind’ approach to dressing very practical and decided to work closely with Italian workshops to develop similar techniques – which he would later take home to Toronto.

Michael has applied this tailoring knowledge to the Garrison custom-made unstructured sports jacket. This zero weight blazer is made without any shoulder pads or canvas. We use a luxurious open fabric that allows for air to easily pass through and cool you down. It’s also great for traveling—you can roll it up into a ball and place it into a travel bag without any damage done to the jacket. This unstructured jacket is so versatile; you’ll want to wear it everywhere.


The Garrison team has put together a selection of unstructured jackets perfect for summer. With their featherweight construction, these garments will be key for keeping an updated and versatile wardrobe all season long. Head into Garrison and speak to one of our stylists about how to incorporate an unstructured blazer into your summer look. Since these jackets can easily be folded into your suitcase, don’t be surprised to find yourself bringing one along to the beach.