Shamir & Nathalie

Clint & Melanie
Unstructured Jackets for Summer

Meet Shamir. When we sat down to discuss his wedding vision, a couple of ideas came to mind. First we wanted to make sure he stood out from his groomsmen. Since his groomsmen were wearing a darker grey, we found it would be best if his suit was a lighter shade. Following this, to keep his groom status evident, a more detailed lapel flower was used and a grey tie (while his groomsmen wore orange ties) was worn. To personalize his suit, we added a plaid inner canvas with his name sewn into it. Lastly, for even more ways to differentiate himself, he wore different coloured shoe laces than his groomsmen.


How we met… At school, doing our MBA at U of T Rotman School of Management.


Describe your wedding in three words…BEST DAY EVER (other than the birth of our son…. 🙂 )


The picture perfect moment…Seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day.


Source of inspiration for the Big Day? My Wife Nathalie –She did an amazing job at taking ideas and making them unique to our personal style.


Where was the honeymoon? Hawaii


Images from: Ikonica