An Ode To Traditional British Style

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Published: Suhaag Magazine | Garrison Bespoke

If history has taught us anything about men’s fashion, it’s that traditional British style never goes out of style.

We often take it for granted, but classic British pieces tell remarkable stories of purpose, innovation, and function — be it the Macintosh jacket, which was revolutionized with a patented rubber treatment by Thomas Hancock in 1843, Thomas Burberry’s 19th century gabardine fabric, which made way for the infamous Burberry trench coat worn by the British army in 1901, to the pea coat issued to the British Royal Navy in 1857. Though some designs and details have changed over the years, one of the most charming features of menswear is its continued ability to marry contemporary designs with historically rich British foundations.

Classic British menswear holds a distinguished place in pop culture. Time and again, icons of men’s style have returned to adorn classic British pieces. For example, even with his rebellious reputation — on and off screen — Steve McQueen (“The King of Cool”) reiterates the fact that when it comes to fashion, British classics are always cool.

The Mystery of Cool





Steve McQueen’s popularity in the 1950s and 1960s as both a fashion icon and one of the sexiest men in Hollywood has left many men aspiring to follow in his lead. His rugged good looks, piercing blue eyes, and love for race cars and motorcycles ensured that he had enough raw sex appeal to make anything and everything he wore look “cool”.

The Thomas Crown Affair – Savile Row Style


The Thomas Crown Affair is perhaps one of Hollywood’s best styled films.



Historically, London has held onto the great status as the epicenter of men’s fashion. This rang particularly true in the 1960s, when Steve McQueen had each of his suits for the The Thomas Crown Affair custom made to highlight the British look of elegance and timelessness. The glen-plaid three-piece suit with notch lapels and short waistcoat, combined with his gold Patek Phillipe watch and Persol sunglasses with blue lenses, gave him the millionaire playboy chic look Hugh Hefner could only dream of pulling off.




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