OVO x Raptors “Drake Night”

Jill & Trevor
Holt Renfrew Popup

A tradition that started when Drake was announced as the Toronto Raptor’s official team Ambassador, A look back at the last 5 years working with the organization on the extra special, “Drake Night.” As global ambassador to the Raptors, these jackets have been a phenomenal way of innovating and taking a fresh sportswear focused perspective on Tailoring. Drake’s style is a great example of the combination of being sporty and masculine but at the same time tailored; whether it be through changing up the shirt with a rollneck or wearing an overcoat as sportswear.


Velvet “Sports Jacket” x Ovo Welcome Toronto : Made of stretch silk velvet the front fastening is done with hidden RiRi zippers that allow it to be zipped up right to the neck to go from formal to casual.

Fishtail Coat x Toronto Huskies : Made of Double Face cashmere from our own @yearsco in the theme of the Toronto Huskies, it was made with the classic blue liner inside and finished throughout in fur.

Camel Coat x OvO Raptors Jersey : Made of extra thick Ripple Finish Cashmere (it looks like jersey but is ultra luxe) and lined with Ovo Raptors Season 1 black and gold Colorway jersey we piped all edged with the OvO tape on all seams for that sportswear inspired branded vibe.

Performance Jersey Suit x The 6ix : Made of one of the first prototypes of our jersey knit cloth with a red Underside (the raptors new color way released that year) and to inaugurate that and Drakes naming of the city of Toronto as officially The 6ix. The suit is one of our proudest and main innovations in Tailoring; a suit that looks like a business suit but wears and is as comfortable as a Tracksuit.

Global Ambassador Business Suit x Raptors Retro Carter Jersey Lined Suit : To celebrate the first Drake night and to thank the raptors organization, Drake specially ordered this suit from us and showed it off on national TV. It was all over the media that day. I still remember that day running around and completing the jacket with the entire team and delivering it 1 hour before tip off. This style of lining jackets with a team jersey has since become a innovation standard in bespoke Tailoring.