Jill & Trevor

Brandettes Loves Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit
OVO x Raptors “Drake Night”

How we met:

We met through a mutual friend, Anca.  She and Trevor attended the same University in New York.  I met Anca years after I graduated University, while I was working and living in NYC. It all came together in June 2010, on a hot summer night, when Anca took me to her old college friend Trevor’s party, downtown in Tribeca, NYC.  Trevor and I met for the first time and hit it off that night – we’ve been together ever since.


The picture perfect moment:

We had some time to be alone after our church wedding and before our reception to take photos on the rooftop of the studio where our reception was held (it was located directly on the Hudson River) just as the sun was setting – that was a picture perfect moment.



Source of inspiration for the Big Day? Old New York City was our inspiration (that time period of the 40’s/50’s) – the sophistication, the charm, how classy NYC used to be – it was a place of hopes, dreams and endless possibilities.

Describe your wedding in three words: Elegant, Sophisticated, Dreamy


Where was the honeymoon?  We honeymooned all over Thailand (North, South, East and West) for 3 weeks.