Why We Love Savile Row

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When women watch award shows, what do you think is on their mind when they see an actress wearing an amazing gown? Chances are, they’re wondering who the actress is wearing. How much work went into designing the perfect gown to fit the actress’ body. And, ultimately, how much would a gown like that actually cost?

These days, men have been stepping into the red carpet limelight, leaving male viewers wondering the same things. Who made that amazing three-piece suit? How much work went into designing that custom suit? And, ultimately, how much is a custom garment like Ryan Gosling’s going to cost me?

“Savile Row continues to dream about the future of men’s fashion and how to adapt that into the traditional elements of a suit.”

Hollywood can’t take all the credit for this new trend in men’s fashion, though. Men have been wearing custom suits for ages (before off-the-rack was even an option) and Savile Row might be considered the original red carpet for men to show off their duds. It’s only fitting, then, that we pay homage to the place where men’s fashion all began.

Savile Row is to Tailors as Hollywood is to Actors.

It’s been around for more than 300 years and it’s where iconic figures such as Prince Charles, James bond, and John Terry come to dress their best. Although the atmosphere may seem exclusive, that’s really not the case on Savile Row is not so. Instead, think of it as sanctuary for men who love fashion and traditional men’s tailoring.

Savile Row is the place where men go for top-quality suits and one-on-one tailoring.

Since any man can pull of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, formalwear has become a new challenge for men interested in fashion – but a fun one! The reason for the massive turnaround in men’s formal wear? Society (as a whole) is starting to pay more attention to the clothes men put on their backs.


Where did the man get his suit? Did he go the extra mile to invest in a suit that is tailored to his unique body? What statement is the suit making about his personality or lifestyle?

These are some of the questions that define men’s formalwear – and why you probably pay more attention to what Ryan Gosling is wearing on the red carpet. This is also why Savile Row continues to shine and make its mark in the men’s fashion industry. The tailors and tradesmen (i.e. Holland & Sherry, Anderson & Shepherd, Gieves & Hawkes) that make up the street are famous for pioneering all the classic trends and elements of formalwear – and are well versed in all things suits!

Savile Row is not  only just a place where men from around the world come to commission their suits, it’s also a place they come to for expert advice, exceptional service and top-quality tailoring to help them feel their best.

It’s great to see the younger generations taking an interest in traditional tailoring – something that the Savile Row Bespoke Association has maintained.

Now, younger men are aspiring to dress like the men that came before them, devling into the art bespoke suit making.


Savile Row is also a huge source of inspiration – and knowledge – for men and retailers all over the globe. It’s the place where everyone goes to learn and develop their skills in traditional bespoke tailoring.

Garrison Bespoke has always been inspired by Savile Row. To this day, we continue to run our trade by following the traditional tailoring techniques protected on the Row.