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“Old-school construction with a modern aesthetic.”

The quality and construction of Carmina footwear dates back to 1866, when Matias Pujadas opened a small workshop in Inca, Majorca, producing tailor-made shoes. In 1905, his son, Mateo Pujadas, continued his father’s trade by opening one of the first factories in the Balearic Islands to produce Goodyear-stitched shoes. Finally, Carmina Shoemaker was established in 1997 by Jose Albaladejo Pujadas in Majorca, Spain, when the entrepreneur decided to rebrand his great-grandfather’s legacy.


 Today, Carmina has a reputation of being one of the best shoemakers across the globe. They are also arguably the best manufacturer of shell cordovan – an exceptional type of leather made from the fibrous flat muscle of horsehide – which they use to make their luxury leather footwear. The comfort and timeless quality of their shoes are due to the extensive “handcrafted” process of putting them together (it takes between 15-20 hours to create one shoe). Carmina continues to utilize the Goodyear-welted technique – where a strip of leather is stitched around the bottom of the shoe, attaching the insole to the upper (the leather that covers the top of the toes) – to create footwear. The comfort of the shoes lies in the lightweight cork compound used to fill the gap between the insole and outer sole. Overtime, this compound moulds itself to the wearer’s feet; making Carmina shoes comfortable enough to walk in at the office all day.

Carmina shoes wingtip

Garrison Bespoke is excited to be one of the few retailers of Carmina footwear in North America (which means your co-workers at the office likely won’t own the same pair). Mike Nguyen loves the unique and modern sleekness of each Carmina shoe, but also the fact that they are a lifelong investment – “Like a Garrison Bespoke suit!” When the sole of the shoe wears out, it can be replaced so that the buyer won’t have to part with the upper leather – which only gets better with age.

 Carmina shoes black

Carmina sets itself apart with its commitment to maximizing comfort and fit. The luxury brand’s superior quality has been recognized internationally by the best shoe markets and suppliers in menswear. Although founded in Spain, Carmina shoes are of equal quality and performance as their English counterparts on Savile Rowe.

 Carmina shoes box

 Head into the shop and check out a favourite of our stylists: the double monk strap. The shoe is a modern alternative to the everyday brogue, and a new staple to any man’s wardrobe. Versatile enough to wear with jeans or a bespoke suit, these double monks are the perfect shade of brown to see you through all Canadian seasons.