Mickeal & Jodie-Ann
Navy Double-Breasted Suit

Meet Eugene. For his wedding we made him a lighter grey suit for his big day. Since he was having a destination wedding, we wanted to make sure he fit into his scene; by making a lighter grey suit, it not only complimented his skin tone, but also his beach theme. Pink, blue and orange accents also added some spice to his wardrobe, complimenting his bride while keeping it lively.


How did you meet? Steph and I met through a mutual friend when we went out golfing one day.  She looked really cute in her golf outfit and it was love at first sight haha.  Her game was pretty good too.


Describe the wedding in three words… wow that’s a tough one – tropical,fun, intimate.


My picture perfect moment for the day was the anticipation session –right before going out down the aisle, our photographers brought both of us and the wedding party to a secluded courtyard where they placed us back to back so we could talk and touch but not see each other.  It was a pretty big mix of emotions to go through with your eyes closed right before the ceremony.


What was your inspiration? Our inspiration was that we wanted to have a wedding where we could really spend some quality time and have fun with our family and friends –having everyone together for a week at the same place was really something that will unlikely ever happen again and that time together is something I will always cherish.


Where was your honeymoon? We spent 2 weeks in Hawaii for the honeymoon – neither of us had really been there before so we toured a few islands including Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui where we did a lot of eating, golfing, and sightseeing(in that order).


Images from: Bicoastal Images