Bundle Up this Fall Wool Grey Overcoat

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Q: What type of garment is this?
A: A wool/cashmere blend winter overcoat.
Grey Wool Overcoat Close up

Q: What makes it special and unique?

A: What makes this piece special and unique is the interesting shade of grey with the bold herringbone texture. The poppin’ purple under-collar also provides the wearer with a cool flair that would be a great conversation starter when in a bar or restaurant on a snowy winter night in the city.

Grey Wool Overcoat- Purple Under Collar Detail

Q: What type of man should wear it?

A: The type of man that should wear this piece would be someone who has captured a firm understanding of his personal style. It takes a certain confidence to wear a piece that’s outside the typical Bay Street attire. Gone are the days of the long black wool overcoats!


Q: Where can you wear this coat and for what activities?
A: I would say this piece would be most used for our clients with a more social lifestyle. A bespoke overcoat is like your lucky pen that you sign all your deals with or your favorite watch you wear to catch the attention of other collectors. It’s something that you never leave the house without; it brings a second layer of confidence and preps you for your morning stroll to the office.

Bundle Up this Fall With a Wool Grey Overcoat