Work From Home Style: From Tailoring to Swim Trunks, the Ultimate Work From Home Guide.

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Working from home?  With Zoom meetings and conferences being the new normal, its become a delicate balance of comfort and professionalism in our WFH look.  This week I will outline my favourite looks for each day of the week as WFH style.

Starting with Monday – Professional at Home.  The key for me is to start the week off right (and sharp) in the luxurious comfort of home.

My Monday Look (images below): Grey  Stretch Knit Trouser, White Stretch Knit shirt, Burgundy Sweater Jacket and Loro Piana Summer shoe.

I added some of my tips below that you didn’t know could elevate your WFH and Zoom Conference Call Style.

1/Tailored joggers and stretch pants are what we call comfort luxury, and its the vibe you want from home.  Fit and detail makes the difference between a luxe tailoring pant and just a jogger.  The Pin-tuck detail down the front adds that extra special tailoring touch. 

2/Use your loafers as house slippers – step on the back of them it makes them a luxe version while in the house.

3/Adding a knit, deconstructed jacket or sweater in the afternoons.  A great way to change your look or if you’re running out for a quick errand, a knit jacket by your side is all you need.

4/Wearing a tie during a WFH Zoom call might come off a touch to formal or stuffy.  I’ve been wearing a scarf as a way to make my outfit more formal.  Its a great added touch and a signal that you are ready and working.

Tuesdays.  Coming off a focused Monday, on Tuesday we mix in an AM workout, a few errands, and some family time.  All of which are nestled in between our regular office check-ins and meetings.  In the link below, I take you through my Tuesday WFH look and explain how each piece transitions easily as I work through my day.

1/Soft brushed cotton Rugby shirt. Made with comfort performance fabrics and worn casually. The Rugby shirt has a nice feel and something a little different (but still video call appropriate) than a more rigid pique polo cloth.

2/Tailored joggers and stretch pants are what we call comfort luxury, and its the vibe you want from home.  Done here in our Garrison melange mechanical stretch as part of a full suit.  One of our original leisure suits.

3/When running out for an errand I switch to a super soft performance stretch denim pant and cap. The denim has the same comfort as the jogger in terms of flexibility and movement and it feels good to switch to a more structured pant for jumping in and out of the car.

WFH Wednesdays: Suit up!

For all the casual comfort needed during WFM, we also need to make sure we put on a suit once a week.  Hump-day Wednesday is our suit day.  A mid week reminder and push to get those meetings done and crush the rest of the week.  Schedule key meetings, catchup with investors and the team – anything that sets the tone for the week.

For me, as we anticipate some Summer sun, I go to my Chambray Suit paired with a luxe t-shirt underneath.  Our Chambray suit is the one suit for any occasion this summer.  An incredibly versatile piece that ensures you are covered once we are back to normal life.

WFH Style: Thursday – Datenight and Zoom Party with Friends

Thursday would usually be the night I’d dedicate to dinner with friends or a night out on the town.  With that, I’d focus my look on more casual tailoring streetwear items.  A pair of Premium custom denim and a t-shirt.  Adding a bespoke accessory to top it off.

While working from home, I try to do the same moving into the evening.  Whether it be for a dinner at home or a Zoom catch-up with friends and a glass of wine.

WFH Friday – The New Casual Friday!

After a productive Thursday and a fun evening catching up with friends, Friday morning is all about keeping it ultra casual.  As the mind shifts to weekend mode, the main priority is to tie up any loose ends from the week and get in that workout.  I try to mix in as many pieces as I can that remind me of Summer and all the outdoor activities I love to do.  Take a look below.

The look:  Our new Garrison Pajama Shirt paired with our Garrison Swim trunks and slides.  The pajama shirt is about comfort and luxury.  A favourite piece of MN’s during high summer months, we’ve made our SS20 version with silkier fabric that has a slight stretch.  So theres still a level of smart casual on top (with comfort and mobility) mixed with ultra casual bottom.  

Are you ready for a refresh with your Work From Home Style?