Wedding Suits: 5 Myths Debunked

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Wedding Suits: How to Select a Tailor

In this article, we want to break down some myths that you, or a friend of yours, may have about wedding suits:

1. Custom is More Expensive

Men often shy away from going custom because they think it’s more expensive. This isn’t always the case, so don’t feel intimidated. Going custom simply means going the extra mile to invest in something that looks and feels like it was made personally for you – something off-the-rack can’t match. It’s a suit that not only compliments your appearance, but also your lifestyle. It might cost a little more than an off-the-rack option, but in the end, you’ll receive a garment that’s going to last you a lifetime (or more).

Off-the-rack suits are a quick, easy and cheap way to get a suit that might fit pretty well at first (if you happen to fit the mould of factory sizes), but, overtime, it will start to look and feel unsatisfactory. Buying off-the-rack also doesn’t necessarily mean spending less money. High-end retailers (some of which offer canvas options) will inflate the price of the suit to match the brand name or quality of the garment. So, although you’re saving time and energy, in the end, you’re investing the same amount of money into something that wasn’t custom made for you. It probably won’t last you as long as a bespoke or made-to-measure suit, either.

Garrison Bespoke clients all agree that they will never go back to off-the-rack suiting options after experiencing the advantages of custom. Check out our pricing page to get an idea of what tier of custom suiting works best for you.

2. A Looser Fit is More Comfortable

Men who spend 12-hour days at the office or running around the city often think that a loose-fitting suit will be a more comfortable option. This may not always be true. Investing in a quality custom garment that’s tailor-made to your body ensures comfort in your daily routine so that you can feel great, it’s going to make you look like the well-dressed professional you are.

Loose-fitting suits make the man look lazy and sloppy; off-the-rack options often give you this look. A custom suit is not only going to fit you perfectly, it’s going to make you stand out from the crowd – people will certainly notice the difference!

3. Bespoke Simply Means Custom

There is a difference between made-to-measure and bespoke suiting options and it’s important to know which one you’re investing in. Men who don’t know the difference often end up paying a premium from retailers that categorize their custom suits as “bespoke,” however, there is a simple way to avoid making this mistake. When getting your next custom suit made, ask your tailor the following questions to make sure that you’re paying for the entire bespoke experience. If the answer to any of the following questions is “no,” then you may need to visit a different tailor.

A) Is my suit locally handmade by skilled artisans?

B) Are all consultations going to be held in-person?

C) Is my suit going to be fully canvassed?

D) Are the patterns and measurements of my suit going to be completely unique?

E) Is it possible for me to visit the factory in which my suit is being made?


4. Custom is Only for Men Who Don’t Fit Off-the-Rack

Chances are, you’re not going to fit the mould of a machine that produces a garment based on generic measurements – even if you’re slim and six feet tall. Everyone’s body is different and there are several advantages to going custom for any man.

When buying an off-the-rack suit, remember that there are a limited amount of alterations that can be done to make the suit fit you properly. If your body fluctuates in size, the suit will probably not be able to be altered again to make it fit – you’ll be stuck with having to buy another suit. When buying custom, you’ll never have to worry about fitting a mould. Everything is tailor-made to personally fit you and then altered to fit you perfectly. Beyond that, custom garments often have hidden material within the trousers and jacket so that there’s room for alterations in the future – you’ll be able to get many more years out of your garment.

An expert tailor will know what works best for your body shape and will make the right recommendations on how to cut your suit. If you don’t like the style of the suit the house is producing then you should voice your opinion with your tailor to make it work for you, or, visit another tailor that you’re comfortable with.

5.  Investing in A Trend is A Good Way to Stand Out

Trends can be dangerous! Whether it’s a vibrant colour, wide/skinny lapels or cropped trousers, be careful about the trend you’re investing in and how it’s going to play out a few years later.

It’s best to stick with classic looks that never go out of style. To learn more about classic suits, have a look at our guide to 11 suits every man should know.