Wedding in Blue – Garrison Shades of Blue

The Alternative to a Tuxedo:  Charcoal Jacquard 3 Piece Suit
The Performance Suit the Players Love – Garrison Rugby Flannel Suit.

Blue is such a classic colour.  But there are many different shades.  Below I outline a few ideas in our classic suit fit if you were thinking of something different than a Tuxedo.  I am loving the Yves Klein Blue!  

Yves Klein Blue – A deep blue that is rich. Its such a unique shade of blue that pops but does not overwhelm. Based off the Pantone colour Yves Klein first mixes by French artist Yves Klein.

Baltic Blue – The alternative blue suit. A hazy type of blue which offers a different take on its Southern counterpart, the Italian Blue. A light blue with navy undertone and twill type texture. A perfect shade in between Navy and Grey. A Stand out for Groom.

Italian Blue – A rich Navy blue. Inspired by the deep blue of the Mediterranean – its atrue shade of blue. Up close, a rich luxe-ness to the fabric gives the suit an added dynamic and formal touch. A cloth that will shimmer majestically in the summer sun.