The Waterproof Fabric

The Modern Pink Jacket Gatsby Should’ve Worn

A suit should should not only fit the man it’s made for, but fit the man’s lifestyle as well. If you often go from a path or car to the office, having a suit that’s made for getting around in any type of weather would be especially useful.

With Canada’s largest fabric library, we’re always able to find the perfect shade to enhance your complexion, and to select a performance fabric to compliment your lifestyle. Our waterproof fabric is a great example:

custom waterproof suit fabric at garrison bespoke

Our Dormeiul Aquaplan is a water resistant cloth that’s been woven in such a way that water beads right off of it. It’s perfect for days when the sky looks a little threatening, while also looking just as sleek as any of your other tailored suits.

We originally imported this fabric for our client Sam who runs a major property development firm. He likes to look sharp and wear a suit to his meetings, but often gets caught in the rain going from one construction site to another – this fabric allows him to always be crisp, rain or shine.