Vancouver Custom Suits

Garrison Bespoke has arrived in Western Canada, bringing it’s innovative custom tailored suits and tuxedos to beautiful Vancouver. As Canada’s premier custom tailoring house, we love to ensure Canadian men stay stylish, for whatever life brings. From the months of rain, to the picture-perfect summers, we at Garrison have Vancouverites covered.

Garrison Bespoke custom suits have arrived in Vancouver

From an outfitting perspective, Vancouver has a diverse series of climates to dress for. Even within the months of rain, there are many days where it feels like we are playing “outfit routlette” with the weather. The day could start with freezing rain, only to transition to a warm mugginess when the sun comes out, and every other condition along the spectrum. Vancouver is also a city in nature, where one can enjoy both the snow-capped mountains or the lively beaches and serene parks.

With this in mind, Garrison pieces are curated with versatility and climate appropriateness in mind.

The three-piece suit has been a mainstay in a man’s wardrobe for decades. It is the unrivalled king of versatility when it comes to suiting due to the combinations of outfits that are made possible. Wearing the jacket and trousers as a two piece, the waistcoat and trousers, or any of the pieces by themselves are some of the ways guys can incorporate this suit into their wardrobe. Having access to the largest fabric library in Canada, we have some neat takes on this cornerstone of men’s style.

Garrison Bespoke in Vancouver

Take for instance our versatile wool, silk and linen chambray fabric. In a three piece, this suit is the Swiss Army knife of your wardrobe. It is comfort, breathability, structure and elegance combined into an all-season fabric. Wear the blazer with some fun chinos during the summer patio season downtown, or the trousers with a cozy sweater for Dim Sum Sunday’s in East Van (or any day of the week for that matter). With it’s rich slub texture providing visual interest, the Garrison chambray suit easily transitions to being worn as separates.

Make no mistake though, when the situation calls for it, the suit can be punched up with some dressy accessories-a tie and pocket square, perfect for an evening engagement downtown or a summer golf course wedding. This fabric is a unique alternative to your cotton suit; the wool adds structure while the linen adds breathability and visual interest.

Garrison Bespoke Custom Suits in Vancouver

Our next piece is a fan favourite- the Garrison jersey stretch suit. This is the stylish version of your college hoodie. A few years ago, Garrison made a set of these suits for the Toronto Raptors, designed for comfort and dunking mobility. It comes in a variety of colours, from bold navy to medium gray. Our current iteration for fall is constructed from 100% worsted wool in a 4-way jersey stretch fabric for extra comfort. Pair the jacket with some denim and some loafers to hit up a spiffy lounge in Yaletown. For a next level move, layer a thin turtleneck under the full suit for some European flair as you go about your day.

As with any suit, the accessories dictate the level of formality/casualness. With a v-neck tee and sneakers, the suit does a great track suit impression. With a tie and loafers, you have one of the comfiest business casual looks out there. This is the piece you bring out when you want to wear a suit without feeling like a suit.

Garrison Bespoke Canada

Rain is the first thing that is recalled when the topic of Vancouver weather comes up. This piece is your shield against the Vancouver rain. Keep your spirits high and your outfit dry with the Garrison mac jacket. Crafted in a lightweight Holland and Sherry cotton, this fabric is 100% natural fibers. The waterproofing effect occurs when the fabric is first wet. The wet cotton fibers expand to create an interlocking water-resistant shell. This can be a lifesaver when it comes to Vancouver’s unexpected downpours. Whether running from your car or the Skytrain, this coat has you covered.

The Garrison mac jacket comes in a variety of cotton fabrics. For a pop of colour, we recommend the jacket in our bold navy. A bright colourway to combat a dreary day, the bold navy mac also pairs surprisingly well with neutrals-navy, gray, brown. This cheery shade of blue will also help you stand out from a sea of navy and gray overcoats.

Jacket Vancouver Canada

Feeling particularly bold? This jacket comes in a vibrant red as well.

Cut in a three-quarter length, this jacket length ends above the knee, for a clean, modern look that still protects against the elements. The jacket is made without a shoulder pad, so it can be worn comfortably over a suit, or casually with a sweater and jeans. This is the quintessential Vancouverite piece.

Winter Coat Garrison Vancouver

With winter around the corner, albeit the mild Vancouver winter, we look to Garrison’s new take on a classic outwear silhouette. Enter the Garrison officer coat. This piece is your stylish blanket in the biting cold. A cross between a peacoat and overcoat, the officer coat has confident, military inspired look to it. Cut in a double-breasted style with a poppable self collar, this coat nails all the details.

The coat is crafted to a mid thigh length and a narrow button placement lend to a trim and athletic look. Casual details like the patch pockets and turnback cuffs allow this piece to tread the line between casual and dressy. Wear this coat with some dark denim and a tee shirt for a chic brunch look in Gastown. The officer coat is also cut to be able to fit over a suit as well. When the temperature drops into the single digits, combine the coat over a tweed suit to mix some awesome visual textures and brave even the coldest of (Vancouver) temperatures.

Garrison Bespoke Vancouver Black Corduroy Suit

In the same vein of textured fabrics, Garrison offers many alternatives to the corporate worsted wools. From linens to flannels, Garrison provides a buffet of seasonally appropriate cloths. Take for instance, the above black corduroy, or the below modern, beefy flannel in a double guncheck. This is your new school take on an old school vibe. Normally, heavy fabrics such as tweed and flannel can look old. In this case, we’ve done the suit in a modernized slim cut in a refreshing gray pattern, which puts a cool spin on this “grandpa style”.

Modern Beefy Flannel Suit Vancouver Canada

The appeal of heavier fabrics is that they tend to drape better; that is, to fall on one’s body more elegantly. Depending on how the cloth is cut, these fabrics can produce and powerful, armour-like silhouette. The soft-shouldered construction on the jacket allows it to be worn with a full suit, or in separates, as a sport jacket.

The vest of the suit can hold its own different outfits

The vest of the suit, can hold its own different outfits. Wear the vest and trousers under a denim jacket for spiffy Sunday in Yaletown. The guncheck trousers also pair very nicely with any other textured cool weather pieces you may have in the wardrobe. Anything in the family of a suede bomber jacket or a leather moto would combo nicely with the pants.

We are very excited to bring the Garrison to Vancouver. Regardless of your background or your lifestyle, Garrison strives to make every man look his utmost best. From the corporate gents to the entrepreneurs, the style icons to the wardrobe rebooters, the late night partiers to the early morning hustlers, Garrison has your back. So, come on in, we’ll pour you a drink; be you a style veteran or a wardrobe rookie. Come on in, and join the Garrison.