Ultra Bespoke

You’ve got a unique car; you’ve got a unique house – now, it’s time to invest in a unique wardrobe

(and by unique, we don’t simply mean selecting the perfect coloured cloth or getting the perfect fitting suit, we mean going beyond that). You’re a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it. You like pushing the limits and exceeding expectations. You take pride in setting yourself apart from the masses and appreciate a tailored lifestyle. You’re in a league of your own – and you deserve to look the part!

Garrison Bespoke is proud to be known for dressing some of the world’s most distinguished men – and to have worked with them in creating some of the most unique custom suits imaginable! Take, for example, rapper Drake’s bespoke suit lined with former Raptor, Vince Carter’s, rookie jersey. Or even music genius, David Foster’s, diamond crushed suit (Holland & Sherry – Blue Sapphire). These rare and exclusive elements are what put a suit beyond the means of “unique” and what truly set apart the ultra bespoke – and ultimately, the man himself. The great thing about these special suits? They’re also completely functional. Garrison Bespoke is happy to make ultra bespoke client’s garments that look and feel amazing, but also durable and performance-friendly – take, for example, our bulletproof suit. Let us help you continue to prepare for greatness.

tux close up

The couture of menswear; the best of the best; the ultra bespoke.

A tier of bespoke tailoring for men that love experimenting with novel ideas and take the phrase, “one-of-one,” to a whole new level. Whether it involves diamonds, nano-tubes or vintage linings, nothing is impossible when it comes to ultra bespoke – and our fabric selection can attest to that! Garrison Bespoke has the largest fabric library in all of Canada, and we’re always looking for new ways and ideas to expand our selection. So, whether you’re fighting off the rain, or even fighting off bullets, we’re excited to cater a suit to whatever your needs may be!