The Winter Flannel Suit

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Toronto Bespoke Custom Suit 1

3 Piece Flannel suit- lapelled vest in Zegna Cashmere/Wool blend.  White Thomas Mason Pique Cotton Point Collared Shirt.  Silk/Wool Flannel Repp Stripe Tie. Green Floral Cotton Pocket Square. (Movember stache 2 weeks in)

With the onset of cold weather we have many questions from clients about custom suits and if they should do winter fabrics like flannels.  Flannel is a great way to add variation in the wardrobe as well as keeping you warm in the cold winter months here in Toronto.  I’ve tied it all together with one of our wool blend ties.  The lighter grey with the green Prince of Wales check gives the flannel an interesting texture. One of my favorite pieces I’ve done for myself this season.