The Ultimate Custom Shoes

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The Ultimate Custom Shoes

Garrison is proud to be one of the only North American stockists to carry a custom selection of shoes from one of the world’s best – Scarpe Di Bianco. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with this shoe maker – The Scarpe di Bianco™ footwear collection that offers classic shoes with modern twists. The combination of timeless models with contemporary colors, and updated styling with traditional details, leads to decidedly current yet elegant footwear.

Our friends at Di Bianco share a mutual appreciation with Garrison Bespoke to deliver exceptional custom craftsmanship – we’re proud to be able to offer men a unique experience through a multitude of models, lasts, soles, leathers, and color options. Not only will this be the best fitting shoe you’ll have in a wardrobe – you can even have your name monogrammed with nails at the bottom of your shoe.

Scarpe di Bianco™ uses the finest materials and handmade workmanship. The extreme emphasis to detail is notable in the rich colors and burnishes applied to the finished calf skins. The production is acutely artisanal in nature witnessed by the fact that no more than 25 pairs are produced per day.

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 The Ultimate Custom Shoes


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