The Sapphire Tuxedo

Precedent Magazine Introduces The Suits on Suits
Joseph & Jamie

If you want to stand out at the next black-tie event, then consider a Sapphire 220 suit from Holland and Sherry, England. You won’t see another like it—unless you run into one of the other nine men in the world with one. But we figure that’s none too likely.

The Sapphire 220 isn’t all formal, though. Let loose of the tie and throw on the jacket for a fun night out.

The price of admission into the Sapphire-220-owners-club is $15,000, a sum you’ll realize is completely worth it when you — along with everyone else — notice the real crushed sapphire glistening in the fabric. We’re talking about the ultimate luxury, here. Garrison doesn’t make a lot of these, but when we do, we make them special.