The New Third Place: Garrison at 10XTO

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Garrison Bespoke in partnership with Ten X.
Excited to announce our partnership with Toronto’s newest Luxury Athletic Facility,  10XTO

“At the core of our collection inspiration is our customer and the changing way they work and live. Our customers are woven into every decision we make as a company.  Knowing their lifestyle – we know that its changing.  Fitness, health and wellness are a big part of their lives.  As well as finding new ways to work, outside the traditional office, home office”.  

-Michael Nguyen, Creative Director

Redefining Omni Channel – A New Way to Engage

“Through this partnership with Ten X, we can reach our clients in a new creative way.  Opening up a new channel and a new dialogue – one that is in line with their aspirations outside the traditional retail experiences.  A new way to engage with retailers and brands that our clients expect.  Ability to reach them at different touch points in their life”.

Product Innovation – Testing in ‘Movement Mode’.

“With a recent focus on innovative technology and fabrics, the partnership is the perfect contextual backdrop for testing our stuff and for our clients to see the collection in ‘movement’ mode.  How the different fabrics stretch and integrate into different lifestyle components”.