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The colour of a suit is likely the first element that someone will notice on the street or in a business meeting and can often make a strong (and, sometimes, lasting) statement. That’s why, these days, men are exploring their options with colour a little bit more and going the extra mile to make the perfect selection for their complexion and lifestyle. The options seem endless when designing a made-to-measure suit, but the world of bespoke opens men up to a whole new range of colours and textures. Garrison Bespoke is proud to make these options available to client’s with Canada’s largest fabric library!

Selecting the perfect colour fabric depends on the colour of your skin tone, the level of formality of your environment and, in some cases, the season in which you will be wearing the suit. Bay Street lawyers stick to the trilogy: black, grey and navy; while a wedding client might get a little adventurous and opt for a cream-coloured linen or diamond-crushed navy. 

“Colours have the power to express a man’s character, attention to detail, and even professional routine. It’s important to get it right.”

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Black, Grey, and Navy

Black, Grey, and Navy are the go-to neutral colours to choose from when selecting the cloth for your tailored suit. If you are purchasing your first suit (for work, special occasions, etc), then opting for one of these colours is your best bet. They’re versatile and appropriate for most events. Black is of course the most formal of the three and is often the most popular choice for men who wear suits less frequently throughout the year – it’s also the easiest to wear. Grey and navy are secondary options for men who wear suits regularly to work or require a more formal wardrobe. When selecting your suit fabric, talk to your tailor about the places you’ll be wearing your suit, in order to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re the kind of man that favours simple, classic looks, then investing in a tailored black suit is your best option. But don’t underestimate the power of a well-tailored black suit! When executed properly, it can be both flattering to the body and timelessly sharp! Most of all, it’s easy to wear and can take you from day to night with the quick change of a shirt and tie. (Image from Garrison Bespoke)

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A grey tailored suit is a refreshing alternative to black during the workweek. (Image from Hespokestyle.com)

If your work environment allows it, switch things up by wearing a charcoal or Prince of Whales check to the office. For first time suit buyers, charcoal is likely the best option that will take you from work to special occasion without any fuss – it’s just as easy and versatile as black. On the other hand, for your summer or destination wedding, standout in a light grey two-piece suit that reflects the natural sunlight of the venue where you’ll say your “I do’s.”

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A navy tailored suit is a modern alternative to black or grey. It’s a great way to make a more stylish statement and to break away from the classic black at formal events. Similar to grey, the navy suit is extremely versatile and is continually being worn to most business or special occasions. Unlike a grey or black option, however, the navy blazer also has a more casual side and is great for mixing and matching throughout the week!

A brown tailored suit has a casual appearance and likely won’t work at formal events. For business lunches or more lenient work spaces, however, brown is the perfect option. Most men look great in earthy tones, but since, these days, suits come in a variety of shades of brown, finding a shade that works for your skin tone can prove a little challenging – and this is where a good tailor should step in! If you’re looking to purchasing a brown suit, a good starting point is chocolate brown, which has a rich hue and can really make a bold, but sharp, statement. Deviating to darker or lighter shades would depend on where you want to wear the suit and how casual you want to appear – note that anything tan is more casual and less versatile. Just be careful not to look dated by wearing a brown suit that is too boxy and not tailored to fit you properly. Modern cuts will do this colour wonders.

Want to make a statement in a brown suit? Mixing in royal purple hues with espresso is a flattering and elegant way to wear brown. Check out our styling for Hannibal in his Garrison Bespoke three-piece brown checked suit.

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Greys, navies, and browns are easy-to-wear colours that, when styled correctly, can enhance your sophisticated and professional character. Unlike black, these colours are not overly used and can complement any skin tone – depending on shade. If you’re going to an event where your grey, navy, or brown suit will be appropriate to wear, then steer away from the traditional black and stand out in a different coloured suit!

White, Green, Burgundy, and Bold Colours:

Bold colours are ideal for trendy summer events or casual business meetings, not necessarily for the office or formal occasions. White is great for summer weddings or the lake, but has much more casual appearance. When it comes to greens, burgundies, blues, and other bold colours, the same rules apply – you can only wear them sparingly. The upside of getting a custom suit in a bold colour, is that you use the jacket and trousers as separates. An easy way to tone down a bold colour is to mix and match it with a neutral, so that it appears more wearable (i.e. a powder blue jacket with charcoal trousers or jeans). Ask you tailor which colours work best with your skin tone and the best ways to mix and match them in order to get the most wear out of your suits. (Images from Gentlemanstandard.com and  Parkenmadison.com)

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Head into Garrison Bespoke and ask one of our expert stylists what suit colours are trending this season, which ones work for you, and how to wear them. Download our guide to eleven essential suits that every man should know.