The Star on Michael Nguyen’s love of fashion

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The Star recently covered a story about Michael’s love of fashion. As a fashion-obsessed preteen, Michael Nguyen worked as a stockboy, folding cashmere sweaters at the store. Two decades later the upscale retailer is hosting a pop-up shop of curated formal wear from the designer’s Garrison Bespoke line.

For The Star, Michael talked about what was probably the defining moment of the importance of the way you dress and the pursuit of menswear expertise.

“We’re in a business where people are very busy; they have a lot of priorities,” said Nguyen. “If we give them a level of experience and level of product where they going to recommend us to friends and colleagues, then we’re succeeding.

“The philosophy around bespoke is we create long-term relationships with clients and over time we get this roster where we don’t have to get new clients.”

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