Ratsamy & Garrry

Toronto FC Custom Made Team Suits
Featured by Toronto Life: We Dressed The TFC

Meet Garrry. For his wedding we discussed his beach theme and the casual ambiance he envisioned. Free flowing and elegant is what we wanted to capture for his special day. We created a textured blue two piece suit with a purple undertone and this complimented the inorganic patterns on his bride’s gown. To add a splash of personality to his suit, we embedded a pirate themed fabric into the inner canvas; and to finish it off a crisp white shirt with a matching pocket square was used.


Where did you meet? We met online in early 2009 – on perhaps the dodgiest website of all time…ready for it….Craigslist.  We hit it off immediately, but only dated fora few weeks before he left the country.  We lost touch for a while but reconnected as friends late in 2009 before resuming our relationship. 


What three characteristics describe your wedding? Quirky, original, authentic. 


What were your most memorable moments? We have several moments – a) one being the groom’s parade (he came up the aisle to me in Lao tradition instead of my coming to him) and during the parade he got some of the strangers in the pool to join his parade, b)our first dance (Jonny Cash Ring of Fire)  was sung by two of our best friends backed up by a mariachi band, c) Garrry singing to me (the song he proposed to me with) while i sat with all the kids watching him.


What was your inspiration? Local Artisans was our inspiration.  For our wedding vendors, we decided to focus on choosing wonderful local artists and artisans(whenever possible) to help manifest our individual style and quirkiness.  We carefully selected each, but really left the design decisions to each of them.  We both believe you should trust your vendors after carefully selecting them by getting out of their way and letting them do their job.  The invites, my dress, his suit (of course), our rings etc were all local artists.  


Where was your honeymoon? We honeymooned in mexico at the El Dorado Seaside for a long weekend. The trip was cut short as my husband was leaving for a national geographic expedition. 


Images from: Documentographer.com Catherine Farquharson