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New Blue: Italian and Baltic Blue

January 25, 2019

New blue.

Part of our inspiration this season was a focus on new and unique shades of Blue. Shades that are stand-out and different from your current blue suits. Our first two ideas were inspired by our travels in Europe.

Italian Blue and Baltic Blue.

The Italian Blue is a deep shade, reminding us of the Mediterranean. Its a stand out, but not super bright. That true shade of blue that Italians love to wear. The suit has the look of mohair, creating dynamic layer to the fabric.

The Baltic blue, the Northern counterpart to the Italian blue, is a hazy type of blue with a navy undertone. A luxe twill type texture creates a beautiful visual interest. Its the perfect alternative blue suit.



Garrison Italian Blue 3 Piece Suit.
Our stand out blue for the season. Cut in 3 piece with double breasted vest. Up close, a subtle, yet rich texture to the fabric giving the suit an added dynamic.



Garrison Baltic Blue 3 Piece Suit.
The alternative blue suit. A lighter shade with navy undertone and twill type texture to the fabric.


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