Neesha & Indy

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Meet Indy. For his wedding we made him a deep charcoal three piece suit. When we discussed his wedding, we talked about the purple and silver theme. Setting out to compliment his bride and also his setting we:

A) Accented his outfit with a deep maroon velvet bow tie to incorporate his outfit into his lush surroundings.

B) A maroon pocket square with white dots was added to match the circular accessories of his venue

C) Matching square french cuff-links were paired at the end of his sleeves to coincide with the sharp edges of his square background.


How did you and Indy meet? Neesha:
 We met in 2006, as we were both part of a dance competition called “Bindiya Chamke Gi”. We needed an extra male dancer and Indy was asked to join the team by a few friends. As soon as I met him, I thought he was extremely good looking and instantly had a crush on him. I thought it would pass, but to my surprise it did not. I was excited to get to know him better! Indy:
 We met when I joined “Bindya Chamke Gi”. I was very shy and Neesha was always willing to help teach me the dance moves. We became great friends, outside the dance group and began to hang out a lot, which was step one of starting our relationship together. We started to spend more and more time together, and it continued to grow quickly from there.


Describe your wedding in three words? 1) magical 2) youthful 3) exciting.


What was the picture perfect moment you remember from the day? Most people would say when we were slow dancing to our song at the reception, but even tho that was choreographed and different, and we still had an amazing time performing it still not the perfect moment. We would say our photoshoot at the horse ranch with our bridal party was the most picture perfect moment for us. Everyone was having so much fun together and it was awesome to know and feel how much love our closest friends and family have for us. Those literally turned out best pictures.

What was the source of inspiration for the Big Day? To look like Princess jasmine and Aladdin except Aladdin would be wearing garrison bespoke this time. We are both fashionistas so for us it wasn’t hard, we both knew we needed to look absolutely amazing and make a statement together, be that IT couple as most of our friends would describe us to be. Decor inspiration was All about elegance, romance and bling!

Where was the honeymoon? Well we know where it will probably be Europe or Greece!!! We had other trips and commitments planned so we decided to do our honeymoon as also part of our one year anni, which will be in Europe or the Greek islands, we haven’t quite decided yet. We cannot wait though because either way it’ll be amazing!