Martin & Nancy

Anju & Kachan
Garrison Bespoke featured in Esquire: “Hannibal” Style with Flair


How we met…

We met through a mutual friend at a New Year’s Eve party in 2006. Nancy just happened to be without plans, and the rest is history.


Describe your wedding in three words…

Intimate, Joyful, and FUN!


The picture perfect moment…

There isn’t just one…


Source of inspiration for the Big Day?

Inspiration isn’t really the right word to describe the impetus for our wedding. It all came from within made from scratch you might say. We weren’t sold on traditional fare – to be honest it made us uncomfortable. We have very fond memories of the place where we married (Penticton, BC). We started our romance there, and the backdrop couldn’t be more perfect. Everything else fell into place.


Where was the honeymoon?

Where wasn’t it? We visited many places connected with our heritage. Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. Beaches and ocean, mountains and solitude, big cities and crowds, small towns with charm. Oh, and lots of beer.