By garrison bespoke: an introduction to made-to-measure

An inter-continental traveller has two options for crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific: either by ocean-liner or by plane. And while both will carry the traveller to the same destination, in style and in comfort, a decision on how fast to get there is necessary.

After all, time is money

A decision on whether to purchase either a bespoke suit or a made-to-measure suit is not that different. Sometimes, one may need a fine, well-tailored suit in a zip, which is why Garrison Bespoke is excited to introduce our new ‘Essentials’ collection of made-to-measure suits. Made with the same care and thought as a Garrison Bespoke bespoke suit (and, as always, in Canada, and around four-weeks’ time) this introductory collection of customized suiting also allows for selection of those extra-details to make a suit your very own. But, of course, at a quicker speed, and at a lower price than our bespoke suits.

the differences between bespoke,
made-to-measure, and off-the-rack?



itโ€™s no secret that men visit garrison bespoke for a solution

For off-the-rack suits which are generic and mass-produced โ€“ they don’t seem to fit, no matter how they’re cut and sewn and altered. Men are drawn to our traditional bespoke experience because it allows for the creation of a luxurious suit that is exclusively their own. And, it fits. While unique in its experience, we understand our bespoke process can be very time-consuming for some and, perhaps, not suited to every man’s budget. However, with our made-to-measure ‘Essentials’ collection, we now have a more modest solution that will give even the most discerning of men the opportunityย to enjoy our custom suiting experience.

close up of suit sleeve and cuff

[sidequote side=”left” quote=”Most are not familiar with the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure: the two processes fall under the same ‘custom-made’ suiting experience.”]

The suit that is created from start-to-finish is one that is exclusively your own, from fabric selection, to trouser-cuffs or no trouser-cuffs, not one that was predetermined for a certain, average body-type, or style. Whether a Garrison bespoke suit, or an ‘Essentials’ collection made-to-measure suit, the processes will produce a garment that is one-of-one in fit and in details, such as hand-stitched button-holes, under-collar meltons in a variety of colours, and, of course, the most exclusive, personal linings.


For our ‘Essentials’ collection, Garrison’s style experts have curated a foundation of made-to-measure patterns, which were developed by our artisan tailors, to create a good foundation for a suit. A right foundation will make a suit flattering on your body. That’s why you’ll notice a precise fit with our made-to-measure suits: we make our patterns for our clients.

we travel the world and stay up-to-date

With modern tailoring trends to create the best custom-made suits for our clients. Our team of expert stylists have been featured for their sartorial style throughout local and international media and style forums alongside the very best-dressed. You can be sure the foundation we’ve laid for our custom-made suits program is second-to-none.

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