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Meet Tim. For his wedding we made him a three piece navy suit to compliment his bride and the surrounding lakefront. A sleek pocket square, paired with a yellow chrysanthemum and bow tie, not only integrated with his groomsmen, but allowed him to stand out as the groom.

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How did you meet?  We met during our first year at the University of Western Ontario…during a charity fashion show that we had both volunteered for (our first and last time awkwardly walking down a run way together.) We didn’t date until several years after we had graduated and were living back in Toronto. At the time, I was in medical school and Jenny was working in television but pursuing her degree in education to become a teacher. We can credit a quick Facebook message for our re-connection.

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Describe your wedding in three words? Authentic, coastal, and intimately ours.

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What was the picture perfect moment you remember from the day? Our ceremony. The sky cleared, the drizzle stopped, and we got to share in the most incredible 30 minutes with family and friends right there in Wychmere Harbour. There actually wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd (so we’retold!).  We put a lot of thought into the ceremony. We both wrote our own vows and read them for the first time to each other in that moment.  We were also fortunate to have a close friend surprise us with a poem (read mash-up of our story as told through the lyrics of some of our favourite songs), and a reading from a children’s book by my grandmother.  We wrapped things up with a first dance right there on the docks at the end of the ceremony. It was actually perfect.

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What was the source of inspiration for the big day? Our love for the Cape, the beach, and Jenny’s love for all things artistic.

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Where was the honeymoon? We didn’t really take a honeymoon- our whole holiday on the Cape was our time away with family and friends.  That said, we did ferry over to Nantucket for a couple of nights and stayed at 76 Main. We met up with friends during the day to bike around the incredible island together. One of the days, we rented a jeep and took it all the way out to Coaskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and Great Point. Beyond awesome.

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