Garrison Bespoke Gift Cards

J.V. opens New York Stock Exchange in Garrison Suit
zegna wedding suit
Tan Zegna Wedding Suit

With 2 weeks left till the big day we’ve had quite the rush of girlfriends, wives, colleagues, grandmas, and sisters coming through the store for gift-cards ranging from everything from shirts to cashmere overcoats.   All the guys have been a bit overwhelmed with all the women visiting the showroom.

It is the perfect fit for the holidays and special occasions like birthdays…and I mean that in the literal sense as well.  Gifting bespoke clothing has a few key benefits:

  • It’s a Unique and Original Gift Idea that is both an experience and material based.
  • He gets exactly what he wants so there is no chance of disappointment.
  • If he is already a client of the store we can make it without him knowing as a surprise.
  • It’s a Great Bonding Experience, especially if you attend the fittings with him.

Lastly, there is no chance you’ll buy the wrong size or style…=)