Gift Cards – No wrong guess, something he will love for sure.

November 8, 2012

giftcard menswear suits toronto

With 2 weeks left till the big day we’ve had quite the rush of girlfriends, wives, colleagues, grandmas, mothers and sisters coming through the store for gift cards ranging from everything from smart shirts to luxurious cashmere overcoats.
Quite honestly, all the guys have been a bit overwhelmed with all the women visiting the showroom!

Why is bespoke clothing the perfect gift for the holidays and special occasions?

  • It’s a Unique and Original Gift Idea that is both an experience and material based
  • He gets exactly what he wants so there is no chance of disappointment.
  • Do we have his measurements? If he’s already a client surprise him with something that will fit him perfectly
  • Attend the fitting sessions for a unique bonding experience you can both cherish together

Lastly, there is no chance you’ll buy the wrong size or style =)

Experience Garrison Bespoke for yourself and see why others like you refuse to shop off the rack again.

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