Filson arrives at Garrison Bespoke…

Spring Windows at Garrison Bespoke
Radiate on the big day literally

We are really excited to introduce to you the latest addition at Garrison Bespoke, Filson Bags.  These aren’t just any ordinary bags, they are the product of a century’s worth of knowledge and craftsmanship.  Made from the heavy wools, rugged cottons and genuine bridal leathers, the Garrison Filson Bags fuse together fashion and functionality.  Designed as the perfect accessory, you can easily match a classic Filson bag with your fav suit for the office or pair it with some jeans and loafers for a trendy weekend getaway. Giving you the confidence to look your best no matter where you go.

These bags are durable, practical and fashionable and only get better as they age.  Drop on into the shop to check out filson bags for sale Toronto, ON.