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Dressing for Fall: The Gray Check Three-Piece Suit

August 29, 2013

dress for fall
Q: What type of garment is this?
A: This is a three-piece suit made of a double windowpane charcoal grey fabric from Ariston’s Fall/Winter collection. Custom Grey Check Three-Piece Suit for the Fall Close up Q: What makes it special and unique?A: What makes this garment special and unique is that comes from the same mill that Isia and Tom Ford use for their more interesting and bold pieces. One can tell that the person wearing this isn’t messing around and has the highest level of confidence and swagger. To wear something this bold you would have be on the top of your game as it captures the attention of everyone in the room. Custom Grey Check Three-Piece Suit for the Fall Side Close up Q: What type of man should wear it?A: The type of man who should wear this suit should be someone whose confidence match’s the confidence that this piece exudes. This man is the life of the party and ready to have fun night with the boys. Custom Grey Check Three-Piece Suit for the Fall Inside Shot Q: Where can you wear suit and for what activities? A: You can wear this suit out to events and parties. However, when working in a slightly more relaxed dress code environment you can certainly test the waters and turn some heads in the office with this bad boy. And definitely the day after you closed a big deal or landed a big-time client, this is piece to wear. Custom Grey Check Three-Piece Suit for the Fall Vest Only

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