Dormeiul Aquaplan

Radiate on the big day literally
Perfect Shade of Grey

Every season we get some really cool fabrics that raise the bar for what we can offer our clients. This season is no different. After reviewing client feedback and working closely with our mills we are pleased to introduce to you Dormeiul Aquaplan.

Sounds like a superhero doesn’t it? Well in fact, this fabric is pretty much just that. It’s reliable, cool and its superpower is that it repels liquids [pause for applause]. Aquaplan is a water resistant cloth that has been woven to have water just bead off of it. Especially useful for Canadian weather where one second its bright sunshine and the next minutes drizzling—a cloth like this has you protected for those drizzly days where you might get a bit of rain on your suit going from the path to a building or from your car to the office.  The photos below are self explanatory.

P.S.- Although we cut all of our suit for both work and play we don’t suggest swimming in this suit…superhero