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Grey Suits

Grey suits

Grey Suits

When it comes to versatility, grey is second only to the black suit. It’s a sure bet because it’s flattering on any skin tone. As for the perfect shade of grey, we have a wide selection of cloths to choose from and the expertise to match you with a variation of your own.

No matter the occasion, a bespoke grey suit will keep you looking sharp. Separately, its pieces stand on their own; creating many more possibilities for great dressing.

“Grey is second only to the black suit when it comes to versatility. It’s a sure bet for anyone because it’s flattering in any skin tone.”




The Places

The colour grey is so versatile that it can be taken anywhere. It’s a perfect suit to welcome the spring and summer seasons when you’re looking for a breath of fresh air from the typically muted winter colours. The lighter tones and textured fabric of the essential grey suit help distinguish you from the sea of black suits at a business meeting or conference.



“Grey is a trademark. It retains sophistication even when worn with pops of color or quirky silver cufflinks.”

Ways to Wear Grey

Whether you have an anniversary dinner planned with your lady or an important meeting or a wedding to attend, this suit will keep you looking trim and in your element for almost any occasion. Taken apart, its pieces open you up to many more possibilities for great dressing.

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