The Creative Collection

you don’t have to wear a suit — you want to

Looking great is a choice. We know the creative man: you’re an agency genius, a tech whiz, or, a serial entrepreneur. Odds are, you won’t feel your best or look great in your environment wearing a business suit that’s designed for traditional corporate life – which, by the way, makes up for 90% of the suits you’ll find at an off-the-rack store.

You lucked out because your lifestyle is a unique blend of both formal and casual. You’re allowed to have a bit more fun with your clothes, so why not start now? 

At Garrison Bespoke, we’ve created our custom-made suits program individually for each creative client because no two creative men are the same. Keeping in mind that you’re more flexible to dress as you please, we work with you to help you develop an effortless style — mixing and matching a jacket with your favourite denim or t-shirts, or pairing your suit with some cool sneakers, for example.

We don’t get dressed for the things we already have,
we get dressed for the things we’re still after.

[clearfix]creative man suitWhy Garrison? — the texture and casual design of your suit is how the creative man is really going to look unique…

1. MORE COMFORTABLE: Loose in the right areas to give a sweater-like feeling that’s slim without feeling stuffed

2. SOFT & LIGHT WEIGHT: Our famous patented natural shoulders – no shoulder padding with light-weight canvas, and an option to have the jacket unlined.

3. INTERESTING FABRICS: We have curated the world’s most interesting and unique collection of casual fabrics, like linen-wool or linen-silk, for dressier occasions — both can pair well with dress pants as easily as they do with jeans or chinos.

4. DEVELOP YOUR OWN UNIQUE PERSONAL STYLE AND FIT: Whether it is a rich brown, deep oxblood, or pearly grey, people will admire the man who went the extra mile to select the perfect shade that compliments his skin-tone and character. Experimenting with all of the little details of a tailored suit — right down to the lapel-size — is an effort that never goes unnoticed. But, no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the bells and whistles involved in the construction of your suit – our expert stylists are available to help clients make that statement for them. As they like to say, “we’re here to guide you every step of the way.”

We guarantee a Garrison suit that’s comfortable, functional, and completely unique – a one of a kind creation that is completely your own. A bespoke custom suit.