The Professional Collection

you wear a suit everyday? look better doing it right

The man who works in an established, professional field – law, finance, or sales – is always seen doing his job in a suit. Whether in a court room, a conference room, or around a city, this means wearing a garment that makes him look and feel great, as well as comfortable, to get through the entire business day in tip-top form is key.

At Garrison Bespoke, we cater our custom-made suits to every need of every client, taking into consideration who you are, what you do, and places you frequent. Our goal is to make you look and feel your best, so you can perform your best.

We know the do’s and don’ts of your corporate environment

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1. The Right Colour:  Your own personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant is a professional who is trained to advise the best shades of navy, grey and black to compliment your skin tone. Every man has a different skin tone – a colour assessment with your Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant will reveal the right shade of fabric that will look best on you.

2. The Right Style:  Your personal Stylist & Wardrobe consultant will advise you of the right details based on how conservative or bold you’d like to dress. Are you looking to maintain a classic and quiet confidence, or, would you like to make a statement in a room full of similar suits?

Some details we’ll advise you on in order to create your perfect style are:

  • Shoulder Type – Strong or Soft
  • Lapels – Wide, Classic, or Narrow
  • Fabric Type – Subtle or Bold patterns, Darker or Vibrant shades


3. The Right Fit:  Working with your personal Stylist & Wardrobe Advisor, our on-site tailors will measure and listen to your preferences during your fitting session.

Proudly, we are the only tailors in Canada that still uses London’s famous ‘Savile Row’ muslin fitting method; we create for you a personalized “sample” suit using scrap fabric — before we cut and sew your real suit. This ensures a perfect style and fit. This pattern is then kept on file so that any future purchases will retain 100% consistency. It also makes it easy to repurchase garments for subsequent years. 

Our stylists are always ready to help you select the perfect fabric to accentuate your good features, simplify your style routine, and make you look like the gold standard of your industry. You’re going to be comfortable and confident in your Garrison Bespoke custom suit.