Spring Shirts…

Garrison Bespoke Welcomes Dashing Tweeds….
Featured in SHARP Magazine

With Spring just around the corner the unique shirts are a staple in the wardrobe; a great alternative to the white or blue shirt and tie–these are great shirts to go open collared or with a solid classic tie.

With shirts like these that classic navy or charcoal suit you’ve been wearing all winter all of a sudden comes to life and doesn’t feel for or look like how it did the last 10 times you wore it.  As strong a fit on a Friday in the office as they are on a Thursday night on the patio, with the sleeves rolled up on a lazy Sunday for brunch.. here is just a sample of what is available this season….

Shirts from Left to Right: Monti Blue Herringbone, Thomas Mason Pink Tattersall, Thomas Mason Blue Check, Canclini Navy Gingham